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Backup for Social Networks

Backup your photos, messages, friends and more.

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ACCSNAP is invite only. Click here to request an invitation.

Don't risk it. Backup your online social life.

Automatic backup

We backup your accounts automatically every day.

Backup anyone

Snap account of your friend, relative or favorite celebrity.

View account

View all backups in one place and select specific backup dates.

Data is yours

Once you backed up an account, data is fully downloaded for you.

Data is secure

Your data is encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption.

Everything in one place

View all your accounts from a single dashboard.
You can backup data from your family, friends or celebrities


We backup photos, videos, likes, interests and pages. Read more


We backup tweets, messages, friends, followers, lists and searches. Read more


We backup connections, companies and groups. Read more


We backup photos, friends and followers. Read more


We backup check-ins, friends and badges. Read more


We backup friends, photos, music, videos, groups, docs and notes. Read more


We backup channels, direct messages, private groups, files and users. Read more

Mobile Phone

Backup WhatsApp and soon other data from your mobile. Read more

Automatic backup can fetch new data every day - you can feel safe

Access anywhere

ACCSNAP works on mobiles and tablets. Access or create your backups anywhere.

ACCSNAP is free for personal use and we have premium offer too

ACCSNAP for business

Off-site backup of all your accounts is essential when using social media for business.

Backup your Facebook company pages, twitter conversations and uploads.

Make sure your social media data is safe with ACCSNAP.