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Backup accounts

Backup accounts automatically or manually

Backup other accounts - family, friends, celebrities, athletes

Backup Facebook pages and groups

View all data inside ACCSNAP

Backup your Facebook account today and never loose your Facebook data
Photos and Albums

Albums and photos are fully downloaded

Photos from other accounts are downloaded too

You can view photos inside ACCSNAP

Photos are available after removed from Facebook

Download photos to your computer anytime

Backup your Videos, Likes, Interests and download any Video anytime

Videos are downloaded to your ACCSNAP

You can download any video to your computer

Videos you were tagged in are also available

You can download videos from other accounts too

Likes, Books, Movies

Everything you ever Liked

Books you read

Movies you watched

Download any Facebook Page or Group to your ACCSNAP account
Pages and Groups

Backup your own Pages and Groups

Backup any other public Pages or Groups

Photos, videos and likes are downloaded to your ACCSNAP account

Try ACCSNAP today